Art Prisme 7, the video game about the art of the Centre Pompidou
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Prisme 7, the video game about the art of the Centre Pompidou

Emanuele D'Angelo

The National Centre of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou during this quarantine period has released the first video game called “Prisme 7”.
Completely free, available on both smartphones and computers, Prisme 7 is a platform game inspired by the world of contemporary art. After three years of development, this software has recently made its debut, at the heart of a period that is conducive to gaming and cultural discovery without leaving home.

“The video game is one of the latest artistic forms of our culture, but paradoxically no game has so far managed to offer an artistic experience that immerses itself in modern and contemporary art,” says Abdel Bounane, one of the creators of Prisme 7. Each level of the game (there are 6) corresponds to an artistic theme, such as “light and physics” or “colour and function”. By moving an avatar through a poetic and luminous universe, players are invited to discover the works of Centre Pompidou from a different point of view”.

Just like in a Super Mario game, the player is led to collect pieces scattered across multiple levels to build a collection of existing works. The main strength of Prisme 7, however, lies in its sublime visual atmosphere, which in turn evokes the aesthetics of the Centre Pompidou and the works of Kandinsky and Mondrian.

You can download it for free here.

Artvideo game
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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