Art Rethinking the spaces of Sydney, a call for artists

Rethinking the spaces of Sydney, a call for artists

Emanuele D'Angelo

Re-imagining and regenerating the city. This is the goal of the New South Wales government. The state of Southeast Australia has launched a call for artists to create public works of art that redesign the spaces of the city of Sydney.

The once globalized city, now unusually empty, asks to reconsider, reconfigure and regenerate public space.
The Covid-19 pandemic represents an extraordinary opportunity to carry out public art projects that question, evaluate and reorient the spaces of the Australian capital.

No constraints, we look for innovative projects, without inhibitions, without fear of exploring and inspiring new experiences in public spaces reinterpreted, especially in alleys.
Artists and creatives will be able to choose from eight important places in the city.

This project is part of the $20 million fund of the city of Sydney and the government to revitalize the city center’s economy, support businesses and create jobs.

An unmissable opportunity for all artists to see their art in the streets of beautiful Sydney.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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