Design SAY TOUCHÉ sells liquid rugs

SAY TOUCHÉ sells liquid rugs

Anna Frattini

Surrealist, liquid, and catchy. The carpets of the South Korean brand SAY TOUCHÉ stand out for their drippy and hypnotic forms, but not only that. Available in black, green, and bordeaux, the Liquified Persian Rug takes on a great classic, the Persian carpet, revolutionizing it with a touch of irony. SAY TOUCHÉ – known for its tables, mirrors, and lamps – always seeks to add an eclectic detail to its products.

The motto of the South Korean brand reflects the desire not only to produce furnishing accessories but also works of art, and there are many objects from the brand to keep an eye on. From tables with bandana prints to a clock with a background, some of the most fun objects are the stools with fur and the iconic “muccato” clock. Even the mirrors play with deceptive shapes, as in the case of the hilarious Facetime Mirror.

For more objects from SAY TOUCHÉ, here is their Instagram profile.

Written by Anna Frattini
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