Design The bold Dandy, the sofa by Massproduction
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The bold Dandy, the sofa by Massproduction

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We have already talked about Massproduction when the Swedish design studio launched the Harry stool, inspired by traditional Japanese joining techniques and the structure of the Torii. Today we return to talk about it to dwell on The Ultimate Dandy, a sofa that echoes the curvy shapes of the past that encourages playfulness in interior design to counteract that newfound rationalism of recent times. «We see rectangular sofas everywhere,» explains Chris Martin, Creative Director of Massproductions, «so we were inspired by this almost forgotten shape.» Specifically, Magus, the designer who conceived the piece, was inspired by a 1930s sofa he found at an antique auction. There are three proposed aesthetics, all strictly with a leopard texture that brings us back to a hedonistic mood, making us reflect on the very name of the sofa.

A tribute to historical elegance

The name Dandy goes back to the 18th-century concept of “dandy” – a middle-class man whose extravagance in dress and appearance conveyed a sense of good taste and elegance. Think of the quintessential dandy, the writer Oscar Wilde, who describes his traits in his unique novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray by contrasting aesthetics with moral decadence. The Dandy collection embodies this mood, expressing elegance, panache, beauty and a relaxed attitude. At the same time, the design of the Dandy sofa encourages what in the nineteenth century was a typical practice of this social class, cultural, artistic, literary salons. The soft curves orient guests toward each other, facilitating conversation. In short, the ultimate Dandy is style and functionality. Although not everyone may like this boldness-which may appear unrefined at times.

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