Soul of the Wall, Eron’s latest work

4 June 2019

At first glance it looks simply like a dirty wall, looking more closely you will discover Soul of the Wall, the last mural by Eron.

It appeared in Borgo San Giuliano (Rimini), the latest work by the Italian street artist Eron who, despite its not too large size, always manages to leave an indelible mark, both on the walls on which he works, and in all his fans. 

It is called Soul of the Wall and depicts an old lady, with a nice face that, with her hands behind her back, seems to look at passers-by from above. The main feature of this work is that it was made just under an air intake grille, making us believe that the work was made by the smoke that stains the wall. 

If you don’t know Eron, look at his works Soul of the sea and Revoluçao dos Cravos and follow him on Instagram

eron soul of the wall | copia
eron soul of the wall | copia
eron soul of the wall | copia


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