Design Stray Bird Boutique Hotel in the Tennger Desert
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Stray Bird Boutique Hotel in the Tennger Desert

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Located in the Tennger desert, Studio QI has designed the Stray Bird Boutique Hotel as a place of relaxation and leisure. Located just 10 meters from the Yellow River, the project was developed to create a series of ecological and airy structures in response to the surrounding natural landscape. High quality prefabricated structures were used and as a result the spaces immerse tourists in a beautiful Chinese oasis.

The hotel was developed by QI as a series of individual units quite far apart, allowing guests to have as personal an experience as possible. The core of these modules is: sitting, standing and sleeping. Thanks to the large windows that make up the architecture, the areas are all visually connected. Users are able to see 360 degrees of what is going on around them, looking from one side of the surrounding desert landscape to the other, and take long walks along the river bank.

Given the transport difficulties, the structures have a steel body of 14 x 4.5 meters. Externally, the modules face the landscape through an entrance bridge and a front terrace. The interiors are spacious, minimalist and essential. The bathroom divides the living area from the sleeping area. The furniture is slim, in dark wood, with washbasins and a bathtub – located in the room – in white stoneware. The finishes are of high quality and guarantee an all-round luxury experience.

On the rear facade, privacy is guaranteed by the insertion of a perforated metal cladding. These prefabricated metal panels allow continuous communication between interior and exterior through light and shadow, in line with the concept of the project. The interplay between transparency and light, between architecture and nature, allows hotel guests to immerse themselves in the great ethereal landscape.

Text by Elisa Scotti

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