Art “Street View Road Trip”, the soft brushstrokes of Alice Tye

“Street View Road Trip”, the soft brushstrokes of Alice Tye

Emanuele D'Angelo

“Street View Road Trip” is a virtual journey through the soft brushstrokes of Alice Tye, from Miami traveling through the southern states before ending up in California, the artist explores a variety of American landscapes.

The American artist embarked on this journey in January, even before our lives and especially our vacations were disrupted by the pandemic.

“I have wanted to cross the South ever since I returned from a previous road trip to the United States in 2015. But at the beginning of the year it was not feasible, either financially or in terms of the program, to take such a long vacation, so I started thinking about how to incorporate the idea into a project. I decided to explore the path I was going to take with Google Street View.

So she started to take screenshots of landscapes and small towns and after a very careful selection she set to work to plan her future trip and her new illustrated series “Street View Road Trip”.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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