Art Landon Khiry’s love for the New York Knicks wasn’t enough

Landon Khiry’s love for the New York Knicks wasn’t enough

Giorgia Massari
landon khiry

Celebrities, video games, basketball stars, pop-culture in general. This is the sphere within which the art of young New York artist Landon Khiry fits. We discovered him on Instagram and his hybrid technique blew us away. We can call it a digital collage technique, because it fuses traditional collage art with digital, giving rise to works that wink at that first phase of cubism also known as synthetic, but, at the same time, Khiry’s attention to contemporary language, particularly that of social and independent magazines, is clear.

Landon Khiry and the love for the New York Knicks

Landon Khiry’s latest series still a work in progress is the one dedicated to the players of the New York Knicks, eliminated from the playoffs yesterday – May, 19th – in Game 7 against the Indiana Pacers. After a hard-fought series made up of overtaking and counter-overtaking, the Big Apple team was seen surrendering 130 to 109 against Haliburton and co. In short, all of Khiry’s love for the NY Knicks was not enough, but he undoubtedly gave birth to works that fans – and non-fans – will greatly appreciate. A tribute in full Khiry style that sees the classic outsized mouths with strictly gold teeth, as he is wont to include in all his productions, be it Rihanna or LeBron James.

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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Courtesy Landon Khiry

Written by Giorgia Massari
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