Style The North Face and Patagonia boycott Facebook

The North Face and Patagonia boycott Facebook

Andrea Tuzio

Yesterday, The North Face released a statement that reads: “until more stringent policies are put in place to stop the circulation of racist, violent or hate and misinformation content on the platform”, and will no longer promote its products on Facebook, effectively boycotting the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.
Patagonia has also joined the protest by tweeting that it will participate in the boycott “at least until the end of July” also with regard to advertising on Instagram (purchased by Facebook in 2012 for one billion dollars).

The two outdoor brands, which have always been committed to raising awareness on ethical issues such as global warming, respect for nature, social equity and respect for minorities, have joined the Stop Hate For Profits campaign, which fights the spread of racist, violent and disinfomatory content that is spread every day on social networks.

For its part, Facebook said “advancing equity and racial justice”.

“We’re taking steps to review our policies, ensure diversity and transparency when making decisions on how we apply our policies, and advance racial justice and voter engagement on our platform”, this is another statement from the Menlo Park company.

Joseph Evans, Head of Tech at Enders Analysis, said that Facebook seeks both to avoid further regulation by the U.S. government and to maintain advertising revenue:

“”Facebook can weather a boycott by large companies better than any other media organisation out there, as so much of its revenue comes from smaller advertisers who are unlikely to band together to make political demands, However, right now, lots of those small advertisers are under pressure due to Covid-19 drying up their cashflow. What I expect to see is that Facebook interprets its guidelines a little more rigorously from now on“.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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