The Sweet Feminist: a feminist pastry shop on Instagram

1 March 2019

The Sweet Feminist's are not only delicious sweets, but also useful, because they become manifestos with strong protest phrases. 

Any means is useful to protest that universal rights are protected and since Trump has occupied the oval office chair, it seems that Instagram has become the ideal means to communicate this protest. There are those who do it for a good cause and some only for a few more likes on content that follow this wave of trends. Becca Rea-Holloway certainly falls into the first category.

A young pastry chef from Washington, D.C., she opened a new Instagram profile in 2018 called The Sweet Feminist. Each of her desserts becomes a means by which to communicate. How? Using the decorations as a vehicle to affirm strong sentences of opinion on the hottest themes of feminism … and beyond. Becca appropriates an ancient activity such as confectionery, which has always been linked to women and their role in the society of the past – and metaphorically also to their sensitivity – to communicate themes of depth in a direct way, with sentences that remind us of what it is really important to fight for.

The sweetness of sponge cake and sugars slams into the crudeness of its overlapping claims creating a contrast that exalts and reminds us that it is time to make a difference to make others understand that being a woman does not mean wearing aprons and pearls in the kitchen. 


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