Art Art on geometric grids by Thomas Lateur
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Art on geometric grids by Thomas Lateur

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Thomas Lateur is a young French artist who has chosen to put together all his passions and skills to produce something new and surprising that is also his job.

Thanks to the artistic practice of graffiti he falls in love with geometric shapes and lettering, passions that he also develops studying typography and working as a graphic designer.

He loves painting and many of his creations are influenced by an architectural aesthetic that turns into geometric abstractions that let the viewer free to find his own point of view in the space.

Thomas also cultivates a visceral passion for the skateboard’s culture and music which are the real mantra for his work. In the last period, his art finds its own expression in murals, an opportunity to test compositions and overlapping shapes, in which lightness and fun prevail over a rigid geometric grid.

Discover below a selection of his works, and visit his website to find out more.

Text by Giordana Bonanno.

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