Design The Tower Theatre in Los Angeles becomes an Apple Store

The Tower Theatre in Los Angeles becomes an Apple Store

Giulia Guido

Almost a century ago in Los Angeles, on the corner of Eighth Street and Broadway, the Tower Theatre was built, designed by S. Charles Lee and opened in 1927. The important role it played for the city is due to the fact that it was the first cinema in Los Angeles to be wired to broadcast not only silent films, but also with sound.
Unfortunately, the building, designed along the lines of the Paris Opera House, closed its doors in 1988 and has been completely abandoned ever since. Until a few months ago, the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners, together with Apple, decided to renovate the building, paying homage to the original structure and creating the 24th Apple Store in Los Angeles. 

The renovation work was not a new challenge for the architects, who were also responsible for the design of the new Apple Store in Rome in the historic Palazzo Marignoli on Via del Corso, but in order not to make any mistakes and to restore the spaces and architectural elements to their former glory they worked closely with experts in the field of conservation and restoration. 

In fact, the internal division is the original one: to welcome the customers of the Apple Store there will be a large hall with a staircase covered by a red carpet leading to the main room, the Forum, dedicated to retail.
The boxes have also been left as Apple’s idea is to use the store also as a place for workshops, meetings and presentations. 

Decorative elements such as an old stained glass window and the huge ceiling fresco, impossible to miss, which seems to open up onto the blue sky, have also been restored. 

See all the photos of the new Apple Tower Theatre in Los Angeles below. 

Apple Store
Apple Store
Apple Store
Apple Store
Written by Giulia Guido
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