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Palace, Gucci and The Prodigy

The news that has monopolized the past international fashion week more than any other is surely that of the collaboration between Palace Skateboards and Gucci.
The joint venture between the British skateboard brand and the Italian fashion house brings the latter into a different context, into a new dimension.

Driven by the experimentation typical of Vault, Gucci’s concept store, creative director Alessandro Michele invited Palace’s founders, Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis, to disrupt the status quo by designing a collection that was to be characterized by the concept of total letting go, of wild abandon.

To push this collaboration properly, Palace and Gucci hired German-Namibian artist, photographer and filmmaker Maximilian “Max” Siedentopf who, through a paradoxical and absurd loop concentrated in a totally out-of-this-world and paradoxically bizarre 2 1/2-minute film, embellished with the song chosen as the soundtrack Out of Space, the 1992 Prodigy masterpiece from their first studio album, Experience. Easter eggs, unlikely cameos, post-credit scenes and characters of all kinds mingle with each other in this surreal, dreamlike dimension.

Palace, Gucci and The Prodigy