Design “Xinatli”, a museum in the heart of the Mexican forest

“Xinatli”, a museum in the heart of the Mexican forest

Emanuele D'Angelo

A 21st century museum should not be a showcase for power but instead a place that advocates for greater equity: in ecology, in art and in society.

Starting from this concept, Viktor Sørless studio, winner of the project, and Fernanda Raíz decided to build a huge museum in the Mexican jungle called “Xinatli” a name inspired by the word Xinachtli from the Nahua language and describes the moment when seed sprouts and opens into a vital form.

A different, certainly unusual place to build a museum.
The studio developed the project as a stepped pyramidal structure that will not only house the museum. On the superior floors, there will clearly be the main exhibition areas, while above there will be several artistic pavilions. There will also be a research institute for terrestrial ecosystems.

“Xinatli” will be located in an area in the Mexican jungle in the south of the country, in the heart of the rainforest. The choice to have the museum located there is not accidental, that area has been very often despoiled and robbed of its greatest asset: nature.

The area chosen is in fact the victim of illegal logging, and one of the museum’s objectives will be to reforest it in the coming years.
The building will obviously use ecological construction methods and will be composed of earth and wooden supporting elements.

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“Xinatli” as we said is undoubtedly a different museum, not only for its location, for its shape, but for the desire to make people, art and science coexist harmoniously.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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