Art Architangram, the latest project by Federico Babina

Architangram, the latest project by Federico Babina

Federica Cimorelli
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Tangram is an ancient Chinese game, a puzzle obtained by breaking a square into seven different parts. The player must try to combine all the figures at the same time and attempt to obtain a single image. It is very easy to play because the combinations are almost infinite, but mixing them up in the right way is also very complicated.
Italian architect and graphic designer Federico Babina, who we have spoken about several times here on, has tried to imagine a new, even more complex version. It is called Architangram and is a 23-piece puzzle designed to create infinite architectural creations.

Architangram has no rules and no objectives, it just wants to be a fun exercise in imagination. It is a project that uses play to understand the problems of modulating space and borrows logic and invention to rediscover the rules of composition. The shapes in its structure represent, in a way, the architects’ alphabet, and when combined they can generate unique designs.

The game can easily be recreated at home by simply dividing a square of paper or cardboard according to Babina’s instructions. There are many combinations, but for those who are not very creative, the artist has also provided some inspiration. The project is accompanied by a series of illustrations showing the possibilities offered by the game: imitating the inventions of the greatest architects in history, from Le Corbusier to Walter Gropius, from Renzo Piano to Alvaro Siza.

Watch the video made with the support of Elisabet Raspall here and have a look at the artist’s illustrations.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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