Art Ariel Sun’s digital and minimalist illustrations

Ariel Sun’s digital and minimalist illustrations

Giulia Guido

Ariel Sun is a New York based Chinese designer and artist who creates minimal and hyper-coloured digital illustrations. 

Ariel is a self-taught artist, she has never attended art classes or schools, this allowed her to develop a personal style, based only on her taste, and to work only on her favorite subjects. 

Over the years, what began as a pastime, a way to give vent to her creativity, has become a work that has led Ariel Sun to collaborate with different brands and clients. 

Unlike many of her colleagues, Ariel works completely digitally, from the sketch to the last finishing touches, often being inspired by what she sees, from her travels, at other times by photographs. The strong contrasts, which give life to plays of light and shadow, and a palette of bright and full colors are balanced by a minimalist style, made of a few lines and even fewer elements, giving the final result a relaxing and peaceful. 

We have selected only some of Ariel Sun’s works, but to discover them all and not to miss the next ones follow her on Instagram and visit her website

Written by Giulia Guido
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