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Art Basel Has A Digital Art Fair

Giorgia Massari

The queen of art fairs – Art Basel – opened yesterday and the whole art world seems to be there. Among the big international giants, such as White Cube and Pace Gallery, there is no shortage of Italians, MASSIMO DE CARLO of course, but also Galleria Continua, Massimo Minini, Cardi and Raffaella Cortese, among others. In short, Basel always becomes the nerve center in June, but not only for the queen fair. In recent years, Liste Art Fair Basel has also been able to stir new waters, offering freshness with new trends and research coming from younger artists and gallerists as well as curators. Among this year’s novelties is a new fair that has us quite intrigued. It is The Digital Art Mile and it is all about digital art. Until June 16th, the fair, promoted by ArtMeta, presents the public with a very accurate selection of the digital art scene, an increasingly strong branch that, among other adversities, has managed to overcome the NFT meteor. In addition to international realities such as and Sigg Art Foundation, Italy also makes a strong contribution with Cinello – the first Italian reality, founded by John Blem and Franco Losi, to create a contemporary digital art marketplace with the support of patented DAW® technology. Let’s find out more about what it is and what works are presented.

Ph Laura Cocciolillo

What Cinello does

After Art Dubai 2024, Cinello is also presenting its innovative approach in Basel. But what is it all about? For those who are not familiar with it – or rather, for those who have not heard about the media blizzard that arose after the agreements with the Uffizi (InsideArt explains it very well) to date archived and clarified – Cinello Unlimited is a contemporary digital art marketplace that uses patented DAW® (Digital Art Work) technology to enhance and protect digital artworks. In other words, their aim is to create a new form of collecting and patronage by allowing individuals to own numbered, signed and authenticated digital versions of artworks by the great masters. The strength also lies in matching museums and institutions that can thus digitally reproduce masterpieces and sell them, guaranteeing the authenticity, provenance, and security of the digital works. While this method may sound similar to what NFTs promise, it is actually not because the relationship is direct and management is controlled. But that’s not all, Cinello promotes digital art and digital artists, among others fuse* – a «multidisciplinary art studio working with emerging technologies to interpret the complexity of human and natural phenomena,» as stated on their Instagram bio.

Fuse* brings botany to digital

Unseen Flora is a collection-the latest-from studio fuse* belonging to the Artificial Botany series. Presented this year in London and today by Art Basel, this collection surreally reinterprets botanical illustrations based on the hypotheses of four British scholars, using artificial intelligence to explore concepts such as “post-truth,” plausibility and verisimilitude. The fuse* project-which, as always, meets science and digital art-surprises because it reflects on the hypothetical rather than the concrete, stimulating reflection on the boundaries between reality and fiction.

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