Design Brooklyn is now full of designer birdhouses 

Brooklyn is now full of designer birdhouses 

Giulia Guido

Earlier this month, thanks to Milan Design Week, we were able to discover what’s new in the field of design, and we saw how new requirements related both to a different way of understanding living space and to energy and savings needs have become the foundation of many projects. But while on this side of the world we are still trying to catch up with what we didn’t get to see during the days of the Salone del Mobile, miles away from here a project that may seem funny on the surface makes us realize how vitally important design is not only for humans.
Last week, as many as 33 new birdhouses were unveiled inside the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, each designed and built by a different designer or studio. 

For the Birds Brooklyn
Batloft, Joey’s Coop, Babylon Coop & Niknak’s City Cart, Pat McCarthy

The project named “For the Birds” was created to raise awareness of an issue that is affecting North America like so many other parts of the world. In recent years, in fact, scholars have reported a 30 percent decline in the presence of birds. The causes of this depopulation can be traced to climate and environmental change, which is making life impossible for many species. 

The studios and designers involved for “For the Birds” have, therefore, not only designed aesthetically pleasing birdhouses, but have studied structures that would meet the birds’ specifications and needs. 

For the Birds Brooklyn
A Home for Flickers, Jessica Maffia

Thus, until October 23, a variety of different combinations of small birdhouses will be on view inside the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, from the smallest to the most colorful, from those that hide among nature to those that stand out in materials and colors. 

For the Birds Brooklyn
woven, Sourabh Gupta
For the Birds Brooklyn
Pal’ campo, Kevin Quiles Bonilla
For the Birds Brooklyn
Forest of Spaces, Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO by Helene Schauer
Fly South, Studio Barnes
Blue Heron Triangle, Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Birdhouse, Shun Kinoshita + Charlap Hyman & Herrero
Written by Giulia Guido
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