The latest IKEA commercial says that the 2020 catalog will change our lives

29 August 2019

Forget about Hermann Hesse and his Siddhartha, The Road by McCarthy, Lolita and Infinite Jest, the book that will change your life is another, IKEA's word.

Some have already found it, others are still looking. The book that changes life exists, just wait for it. But if patience is not your strong point, IKEA will be happy to help you by offering you one with an original and brilliant spot. 

The video entitled “The book that will change your life” features a slightly abandoned, dirty and unkempt man who runs into the new IKEA catalog for 2020. As soon as he opens it his life changes. The protagonist becomes a kind of Oprah, invited to speak during talk shows and television programs to dispense life advice. 

 It seems that for every problem, family quarrels, political crises, adolescent dramas, the answer is enclosed in the catalog. 

The commercial was made by the advertising agency Ogilvy for the United Arab Emirates. 


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