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The new IKEA couch fits in an envelope

Anna Frattini

The latest innovation from IKEA research lab SPACE10, is a foldable, recyclable, and incredibly lightweight couch designed to be transported like a giant envelope. But that’s not all – developed in collaboration with Panter&Tourron – this sofa aims to be a light, sustainable, and comfortable alternative that challenges the design archetypes with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Forget about bulky and immovable sofas we are accustomed to, and think of a new model that is easy to transport and adjust. Part of the Design in the Age of AI exhibition in Copenhagen until November of this year, the so-called ‘couch in an envelope’ makes us reflect on the conventional limitations of furniture complements such as the sofa as we know it and experience it in our homes.

According to the vision of IKEA’s research lab, SPACE10, there will no longer be a need to disassemble the sofa with screws and tools; it will be easily mountable and dismountable. This is how Panter&Tourron, the Swiss design studio that operates at the intersection of design and technology, imagined it.

But what does AI have to do with this project? Using platforms like Runway and Midjourney, the designers inserted prompts such as “a sofa designed for a nomadic life.” After various attempts, the result is the ‘couch in an envelope,’ designed for IKEA; easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport, for a more sustainable and ever-moving future.

To discover more projects from SPACE10 here is their Instagram profile.

Designdesignproduct design
Written by Anna Frattini
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