Design Three Installations to See at the Salone del Mobile

Three Installations to See at the Salone del Mobile

Anna Frattini

If Milan Design Week – throughout the streets of Milan – is one of the liveliest weeks of the year, we wondered what was happening in the meantime at Rho Fiera, where the Salone del Mobile takes place. The most institutional of all MDW occasions and certainly the most frenetic. Among the installations to see, we’ve chosen three: Thinking Room, Under the Surface, and the Corraini Bookstore.

Thinking Room by David Lynch in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro

Thinking Room, the installation conceived by David Lynch for the Salone, thinks in reverse. The intention is to recreate a room to pause and think. A real space intended to be light-years away from the frenzy of exhibitors, where one can draw and think freely.

In the genesis of this installation is also the expertise of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, which has put Lynch’s idea into practice. Antonio Monda, instead, curated the Thinking Room, embodying the imaginary desired by the American director, characterized by a mysterious, ambiguous poetics on the border between dream and reality.

Under The Surface by Emiliano Ponzi

Emiliano Ponzi – in collaboration with accurat Studio, Gabriel Zangari, and Design Group Italia – has created Under The Surface, combining both a digital and physical experience. It is a project designed to reflect on one of our most precious resources: water. Around it rises the reflection of the sun on the sea, telling the complexity of the world we live in and where we can only go beyond the surface of things.

The Corraini Bookstore at the Salone del Mobile curated by Formafantasma

Beppe Finessi and Maria Porro joined forces to create one of the most beautiful installations at the Salone del Mobile, in collaboration with Corraini Edizioni. The keyword of the project is “The city of lights,” a concept devised by Formafantasma that perfectly adheres to the idea of recreating the suggestions of a real bookstore at the Salone, not just any passing shop.

ph. courtesy Andrés Juan Suarez

Written by Anna Frattini
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