Jim Skull creates skulls with threads and beads

18 February 2019

Jim Skull, aka Jim F. Faure, uses colored threads, beads and feathers to create glam skull-shaped sculptures. Discover more now!

Jim Skull, aka Jim F. Faure, is a French artist based in Paris who has focused his stylistic research on creating sculptures in the shape of human skulls. The technique consists of countless colored threads, Murano glass beads, rope and feathers that together form a sort of “skin”, covering the framework of the shapes.

These objects seem almost like fetishes, which become unique collectibles and invite the viewer to appreciate the general harmony of the human body, with a glam attitude.

Over the years the artist has traveled extensively in places like New Caledonia, New Zealand and India; this allowed him to be able to come into contact with different rituals, habits and customs that led him to perceive the object of the skull as something new, far from the concept of macabre.


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