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The Batmobile from the 60s is a new LEGO se

Emanuele D'Angelo

It was in 1939 when the famous superhero we are all in love with, Batman, used his mythical Batmobile for the first time. Since then, the design and technology of the car have evolved, always changing from year to year, but there are some models that have remained engraved in our memory.

One of them is definitely the one from the 1960s, when Batman was still only a TV series and was played by Adam West. The car that inspired the famous Batmobile is the Lincoln Futura, a concept car never produced in series, designed by the Lincoln Division of the Ford Motor Company.

LEGO has decided to take us back in time, creating one of its magical sets. The official name of this model is “Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile” and building it is certainly not easy, it is composed of 345 pieces.
The version created by the Danish multinational is a faithful reproduction of the ’60s, with the retro Batman logo on the doors and long red stripes along the back and bottom.

The beautiful Batmobile will be available from April 26 and will also contain the two iconic characters, Joker and Batman played at the time by Cesar Romero and Adam West respectively.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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