Art The collection of “Lil Granny” NFTs made by Buddy
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The collection of “Lil Granny” NFTs made by Buddy

Tommaso Berra
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If you have seen a series of illustrations depicting quirky and funny grandmothers in your Instagram feeds, it is Lil Granny, an “on going” project, a collection of NFTs whose subject matter is precisely cartoon grannies, each one unique and handmade. The author of the collection is Buddy, illustrator and creative director of, who developed the subject from a memory dating back to 2009. “I was in London and on the lawn of Golders Green station there was a stoned old lady, dressed in pastel and barefoot, dancing to techno music next to her little radio. I think I stood for an hour watching her. Sort of a message of rebellion, fuck it all, we’ll stay young forever.

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That little old lady immediately seemed to the author to be the perfect character to experiment with nft and a series of collectibles, in different versions inspired by movie characters, pop culture characters, comics, music, or simply dressed in urban, contemporary, flamboyant outfits.
The first 50 illustrations of the Lil Granny project have been mint and are available on Opensea on ethereum blockchain, and more will be released in the coming months, up to 100 subjects.
The communication on social media has been characterized by irreverent and sarcastic posts, featuring colors and an ultra-pop language, able to return the spirit that gave life to the collection, from London to the new scenarios of contemporary art.

Artartdigital illustration
Written by Tommaso Berra
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