Art Intricate tableaux and video game architecture at Liste, in Basel

Intricate tableaux and video game architecture at Liste, in Basel

Anna Frattini

These days, Basel is bustling with novelty, featuring both familiar faces and newcomers. However, it’s not just Art Basel that’s worth paying attention to; it’s also worth taking a look at what’s happening at Liste, one of the many satellite events related to the main fair, focusing mostly on emerging artists. One of the booths that caught our attention is that of Super Dakota, a gallery based in Brussels, which presented Danica Lundy and Janne Schimmel alongside Chris Dorland and Yein Plee. But let’s find out more about these two artists and the mission of Liste.

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Danica Lundy’s Intricate Tableaux

Danica Lundy’s works, born in 1991 with Canadian origins, immediately catch the eye. Her canvases appear as intricate tableaux, crowded narrative scenes that depict the theater of human life in dark tones and with a figurative force that can initially seem almost gloomy. Lundy’s creative process evolves from highly detailed drawings to a series of precise brushstrokes with a strong expressionistic component. The two works on display at Liste, positioned in what appears to be perfect symmetry, convey an almost magnetic melancholy, perfectly in line with Lundy’s poetics.

danica lundy

Janne Schimmel’s Video Game Architecture

Janne Schimmel emerges as one of the most promising artists within the framework of Liste. His creative process begins with the deconstruction of electronic devices to recreate sculptures that reflect our relationship with technology. Added to this is his passion for video games, a constant in his artistic journey. Schimmel succeeds in dismantling and reworking something that is sealed and inaccessible to us ordinary mortals, almost incomprehensible.

But what is happening at Liste? The satellite fair just a few meters from Art Basel this year has a precise motto: “My gaze, your gaze: the importance of positionality”. In constructing Liste’s theme, the organizers realized that we are facing a generation of artists who know how to observe and who don’t only use traditional media but also what can be defined as time-based media, referring to video, sound, smells, and performances capable of pointing out socio-political issues. All of this is accompanied by the many innovations brought by AI (as in the case of Chris Dorland, always presented by South Dakota), which seems ready to conquer a significant share of the art world. Ultimately, occasions like Liste give us the opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of this sector, focusing especially on emerging artists.

To know more about Danica Lundy and Janne Schimmel here are their Instagram profiles.

Ph. courtesy South Dakota and the artists

Written by Anna Frattini
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