Your personal Guide to MDW2019 Districts: Università degli Studi, Bagni Misteriosi, Cascina Cuccagna

Here is the complete Guide to the Districts of Milan Design Week 2019, with everything you can not miss and also some tips on what to see and where to eat.

10 April 2019

We hade a special short list of the best of every DW district including coffee shops, restaurant and beautiful places you must-see (if you haven’t seen it yet). This is the fourth and last episode for the survivor. Discover the other guides HERE:

Università degli Studi di Milano (Festa del Perdono)

The Università Statale di Milano is an evergreen. In the courtyards and cloisters of this building, Interni magazine organized Human Spaces, a series of experimental and interactive installations, with architects and designers such as Ico Migliore with M + S lab, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Piero Lissoni and Fabio Novembre. The installation Help the Planet, Help the Humans by Maria Cristina Finucci, is very interesting. A Help sign composed of plastic caps lights up red in the evening and symbolizes the suffering of our planet.

Where and When: University of Milan, Via Festa Del Perdono, 7, Milan.

statale Milano Design Week |
statale Milano Design Week |
statale Milano Design Week |

Bagni Misteriosi (Porta Romana)

Bagni Misteriosi hosts the collective exhibition “Immersione Libera”, 12 artists and one rule: creating an immersive environment for the visitor. The young artists are Alfredo Aceto, Agreements to Zinedine, Antonello Ghezzi, Calori & Maillard, Campostabile, Giovanni Chiamenti, Alessandro Fogo, Francesco Fonassi, Valentina Furian, Raluca Andreea Hartea, Ornaghi & Prestinari, and Marta Spagnoli.

Where and When: Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi – Via Carlo Botta 18, Milano.

Bagni misteriorsi Milano Design Week |
Bagni misteriorsi Milano Design Week |
Bagni misteriorsi Milano Design Week |
Bagni misteriorsi Milano Design Week |

Cascina Cuccagna (Lodi)

At Cascina Cuccagna the second edition of De Rerum Natura, curated by Matteo Ragni, is a project with a strong social vocation about the relationship between man and nature. This year the theme is the Renaissance, to celebrate the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci. Designers, architects, artists, collectives responded to the curator’s call and proposed their solution for a new Renaissance. In parallel, a small exhibition curated by journalist Laura Traldi.

Where and When: Via Cuccagna/via Muratori, 2/4.

Cuccagna Milano Design Week |
Cuccagna Milano Design Week |
Cuccagna Milano Design Week |

Take a Break:

Trippa. New Milanese restaurant in town.
MAM. For a happy hour.
Colibrì. Bookshop with bar.
Madama Bistrot. Ostello with Bistrot.
Bar Luce (Fondazione Prada). An evergreen.
Tajoli. Historical Osteria (only for lunch).
Dabass. New Bistrot.

Article by Bianca Felicori


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