Art All for the Gram – Obscurest Vinyl

All for the Gram – Obscurest Vinyl

Emanuele D'Angelo

A few weeks ago by chance we stumbled into the profile of “Obscurest Vinyl”, a profile that collects parodies of vinyl covers, clearly non-existent.

The greatest records you’ve never heard.

Born a little bit for fun, a little bit for irony in February 2017, Obscurest Vinyl publishes daily covers never seen before, with certainly strong but surely ironic phrases.

Some of them are real parodies of real published records, born already old, with an outdated aesthetic even before being released.
Others are the result of the imagination and creativity of graphic designers who delight us every day with their absurd phrases.

But sometimes the obscure profile, let us pass this trivial play on words, does not spare even the great authors and composers of the past.
Dean Martin, John Lennon and even the great Elvis Plesley are also the victims of these funny and funny parodies.

As always we leave you our selection, but if you do not want to lose all the other pearls we invite you to visit their profiles (here).

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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