Music “Planeta Sessions: Moon”, art, music and nature in the Val di Noto
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“Planeta Sessions: Moon”, art, music and nature in the Val di Noto

Giulia Guido
Planeta Sessions

If we had to find a positive aspect of the pandemic, it is surely the fact that it has led us to rediscover nature, the landscapes that surround us and the extraordinary places that are not far from the cities. It is as if we suddenly feel the need to reconnect with the sky, the earth, the green.
The first edition of Planeta Sessions, a project realised by Planeta with Kadmonia and Radiceterna Arte e Ambiente, offers the opportunity to spend an evening in the hills of the Val di Noto during which music, art and nature come together to offer participants a unique evening. 

At 6 p.m. on Saturday 24 July, the Cantina Planeta di Buonivini will see artists, DJs and musicians taking turns to create an almost mystical atmosphere and offer an immersive experience. 

The theme chosen for this first edition is actually an element that like no other fascinates and affects human life: the Moon.
Planeta Sessions: Moon sets out to celebrate this link between the natural elements, emphasising how we are all part of a single system, a single motion. 

The evening’s programme will include an exhibition of contemporary art entitled Lontanissima Luna, curated by Ignazio Mortellaro and Valentina Bruschi, with works by Giuseppe Adamo, Stefania Artusi, Oli Bonzanigo, Giuseppe Buzzotta, Marco Cassarà, Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, Irene Coppola, Mara Fabbro, Jose Florentino, Gummy Gue, Adriano La Licata, Gianfranco Maranto, Elisabetta Marino, Ignazio Mortellaro, Ben K. Voss & Midge Wattles, Ben K. Voss & Midge Wattles, and Ben K. Voss & Midge Wattles. Voss & Midge Wattles, Desadorna, Mariella Ienna, Ilariusss, Roberto Intorre and Kuboraum.

Also linked to the world of art will be video installations by Rebecca Salvadori and Ali Demirel and the sound installation Stazione Lomax by Donato. 

Donato will also be the first to perform a DJ set during the refreshment party, followed by Palazzi D’Oriente, Marta de Pascalis who will accompany the sunset with an immersive live set, and infinte Lucy who will close the evening with Moonology, a special set dedicated to the esoteric power of the moon.

Follow Planeta Sessions’ Facebook page and Instagram profile for all the information and updates. 

Artarteventsmusicsave the date
Written by Giulia Guido
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