Art A new playground dedicated to Kobe Bryant is born in Matera
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A new playground dedicated to Kobe Bryant is born in Matera

Emanuele D'Angelo

In Basilicata, precisely in Matera, a new and colorful playground dedicated to the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant has just been realized.
Part of the larger project to restore the gardens and areas near the school, the new basketball court features the stylized figure of the American champion, who tragically died on January 26th due to a plane crash.

An immense void, that left by the sportsman, that the students have tried to fill with this work created thanks to Marica Montemurro, Gianni Papapietro and Luca Bia – members of #TeamArt, called to evoke on the surface of the field the drawings and ideas of the youngest.

An initiative born after the lockdown, the Istituto Comprensivo G. Pascoli of Matera, has totally redeveloped the Olimpia Playground Kobe Bryant basketball court: an open-air sports facility abandoned for years, taken away from degradation and finally returned to the community thanks to the collaboration between teachers, students, and artists of the area.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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