Art “Sensitive Content”, paintings between contemporary and past

“Sensitive Content”, paintings between contemporary and past

Giulia Guido

Exactly four years ago, Instagram integrated blurring for all content deemed or marked as “sensitive”. Since then, everyone will have come across a blurred post or story and had to confirm that they wanted to see the content.
Now we are not here to judge on the basis of what a photo is or is not considered sensitive content, or to criticize this choice, but to talk about an artist who has created an entire series of paintings using this Instagram function.
We are talking about Mauro C. Martinez and his project entitled “Sensitive Content”

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Mauro C. Martinez studied at the Art Center College of Design in Laredo, Texas, and is a painter who juxtaposes one of the most classic techniques in the history of art, such as oil painting, with images that are part of our contemporary world

His bio on his Instagram profile reads “Documenting the end of the world” and the artist’s aim has always been to tell the story of the world around us through his art, so he could not fail to consider social networks. 

Among his works, as well as series of portraits, we can find paintings inspired by some of the most viral memes and challenges, such as the one in which parents threw a piece of breadcrumbs in the face of their youngest children and saw the reaction. 

But his best-known series is definitely the one entitled “Sensitive Content”, which reproduces exactly the graphics we see on Instagram. His paintings really do look like blurred and temporarily censored photographs. Obviously there is no lack of denunciation, in fact, by paying close attention we can recognise the subjects depicted, as in the one depicting a naked woman, or the killing of George Floyd. 

These are subjects we should see: artistic nudes should be able to be shown on social networks like any other subject, and images linked to news events should be freely accessible and should not be banned. 

Moreover, what makes Mauro C. Martinez’s work is the contrast between the medium and the subject matter: we commonly associate oil painting with the art of the past, with periods when many subjects were indeed forbidden, whereas in this one this technique is made available to images that could not be more contemporary. 

Below you can find some paintings by Mauro C. Martinez, but to find out more visit his website and follow him on Instagram

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Written by Giulia Guido
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