Art The trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s We Are Who We Are
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The trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s We Are Who We Are

Giulia Pacciardi

After the announcement, with a very short teaser made public at the beginning of July, the first trailer of one of the next autumn’s most anticipated series has finally been released, part of the official selection of the Cannes 2020 Directors’ Fortnight.

It’s We Are Who We Are, the Sky and HBO production created and directed by the Oscar-winning Luca Guadagnino‘s Call Me by Your Name, with, among others, Kid Cudi and the music of Blood Orange.

The TV series, consisting of 8 episodes that tell the story of the formation of two American teenagers living in a military base in Italy, will debut in September in the United States before arriving on October 9 in Italy on Sky Atlantic and streaming on Now Tv.

Watch the first official trailer here and read the plot to get to know all the protagonists of this story about love, friendship and identity.


Jack Dylan Grazer plays Fraser, a shy and introverted 14-year-old boy who moves from New York to a military base in Veneto with his mother Sarah (Chloë Sevigny) and her partner Maggie (Alice Braga), both serving in the US Army.

Jordan Kristine Seamón plays Caitlin, a seemingly brash and confident teenager who has lived with her family on the base for years and speaks Italian. Compared to her older brother Danny (Spence Moore II), Caitlin has a closer relationship with her father Richard (Kid Cudi) than with her mother Jenny (Faith Alabi), with whom communication is more difficult. 

Caitlin is the pivotal figure in her group of friends, including Britney (Francesca Scorsese), a straightforward, witty, sexually uninhibited girl, Craig (Corey Knight), a cheerful, good-natured soldier in his 20s, Sam (Ben Taylor), Caitlin’s jealous boyfriend who is also Craig’s younger brother, Enrico (Sebastiano Pigazzi), a carefree 18-year-old from Veneto who has a soft spot for Britney, and finally Valentina (Beatrice Barichella), an Italian girl.

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