Art Varsi Art&Lab opens in Rome with Cinta Vidal

Varsi Art&Lab opens in Rome with Cinta Vidal

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Varsi Art & Lab inaugurated yesterday, June 18, its new Roman headquarters in Trastevere, Piazza San Cosimato, setting itself as a cultural center, a real laboratory of ideas where contemporary art and culture can find new stimuli. The inauguration of the new headquarters was marked by the exhibition of artist Cinta Vidal, with the return of her residence made by Varsi some time ago. During her residency, Vidal collaborated with 56Fili Studio to explore the technique of screen printing for the first time, creating limited edition and one-of-a-kind works, showing her meticulous approach to composition. Let’s discover all the works in the exhibition.

The Cinta Vidal Series

Vidal’s series is called Community and includes a fifteen-color silkscreen print on paper in an edition of sixty and a special wood panel print in an edition of ten, with hand-painted final details. The series explores how an individual’s perspective can differ from his or her surroundings, spanning life itself.

«I am interested in the interaction between internal perceptions and urban architecture. Concrete architecture pursues functionalism and the elimination of conventionalism and ornamentation. I observe how concrete, although rigid, protects the life that passes through it. The multiplicity of perceptions of the environment is an idea that intrigues me. I find that everyday life can contain both common elements and unsuspected depths. With these pieces, I’m looking for the confrontation between a parallel and ordered structure with the “disorder” of the various orientations. I love to focus on the shared aspects of human experience rather than individuality».

Cinta Vidal

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The future of Varsi

Through exhibitions, meetings, workshops and various initiatives, Varsi aims not only to exhibit but also to educate, creating a bridge between different generations of artists and enthusiasts. «Varsi’s new opening in Trastevere marks a significant return to the city center, allowing our research to reconnect with the urban fabric and community,» said Massimo Scrocca, Founder of VARSI Art & Lab. «This strategic move underscores the importance of being in the center of Rome; the San Cosimato square is among the most active centers of cultural and social vitality. With this opening Varsi can embark on a new path for creative expression and social interaction, fostering a deeper connection with its clients, artists and the city itself.»

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