Design The Vision AVTR by Mercedes-Benz, the car inspired by Avatar

The Vision AVTR by Mercedes-Benz, the car inspired by Avatar

Giulia Guido

The future of mobility is here! 

Imagine a car without the steering wheel and connecting to the driver’s body, a car with an essential and clean design made with sustainable materials, a car with a structure that connects the exterior and interior of the cabin. Impossible? No, today it is reality. 

Yesterday at the CES in Las Vegas, the car of the future, the Vision AVTR by Mercedes-Benz inspired by Avatar, the masterpiece by James Cameron, the progenitor of the cinematic genre characterized by the use of special effects and 3D, was presented.  

The link between the title of the film and the name chosen for this jewel in the world of engines is so clear and is also the acronym for “Advence Vehicle Transformation“.

If in Cameron’s film it is the humans who evolve, entrusting their bodies to technology and becoming, in fact, Avatars, that is a better version of themselves; today, in reality, it is the cars to undergo this upgrade, or at least they are according to Mercedes-Benz. 

It is a vehicle that is able to enhance the capabilities of your own body – like the idea of an Avatar in the movie. – Gordon Wagener, Mercedes-Benz chief design officer

The Vision AVTR is an updated version of the Vision EQS presented a few months ago in Frankfurt, which combines Mercedes-Benz technology with a design that cannot fail to remind us of Pandora, its landscapes and its inhabitants, the Na’vi. 

The exterior surface of the car is reminiscent of the skin of the blue humanoids in Cameron’s film, thanks to what have been defined as 33 bionic flaps that create a dialogue between the interior of the car and the exterior. In addition, the AVTR emulates the Na’vi, and their extreme ability to move even when driving in multiple directions, not only back and forth, but also left and right. 

We didn’t want to create a car, we wanted to create something like a living organism. – Gordon Wagener

The AVTR operation is also particularly similar to that of avatars: at the beginning of the movie the former marine Jake Sully is connected to his avatar through his DNA, to drive the AVTR the driver must connect through a biometric reading to the entire technology of the car, only then will appear on the palm of his hand a series of commands through which to select different functions. 

Obviously, since we are always talking about a luxury car, Mercedes-Benz has paid particular attention to the use of recyclable and sustainable materials with an impressive design, such as vegan leather for the interior and rattan for the floor. 

The link between the Vision AVTR and the blockbuster film was definitively established by the presence on stage of Cameron himself during the presentation at CES. 

From now on we will definitely pay more attention to what we will see in the movies, even the fantasy ones, knowing that sooner or later it could become a reality!
Written by Giulia Guido
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