Design “Seat or Read?” the crystal armchair by Lorenzo Marini
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“Seat or Read?” the crystal armchair by Lorenzo Marini

Tommaso Berra
Lorenzo Marini |

Lorenzo Marini is a multidisciplinary artist of the kind that is difficult to limit in a single category. His artistic past has seen him express himself through painting, directing, writing and design, as in his latest work, entitled “Seat or Read?”
It is a crystal armchair that combines rigidity and rationality, balanced by lightness and a sense of absence recreated precisely because of the material’s transparency. The distinguishing element of the work is the choice to include as a decorative element a pattern of letters, made from colored shapes and objects, creating a contrast with the neutral surface of the armchair.

We are used to seeing art as something untouchable. Something to hang on the wall and look at with respect.” – declares Lorenzo Marini – “I wanted to turn this paradigm upside down by transforming my work ‘Snowtype’ (a snowfall of liberated letters), into a space-seat and I did it with the material that more than any other has all the light of the world in it: crystal.

Lorenzo Marini’s letters thus leave their communicative function and become supports for the body, points in a space that replicates absence and emptiness. The work was created for the 20th anniversary of the Santambrogio Milano brand, and the technique of waterjet glass cutting, a process that has the advantage of being sustainable, was used for production.

Lorenzo Marini |

Courtesy Lorenzo Marini

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Written by Tommaso Berra
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