Art Banksy claims the work that appeared in a canal in Venice
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Banksy claims the work that appeared in a canal in Venice

Giulia Guido
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It was on 24 May, when the street artist claimed his work that appeared in Venice. Today, six months later and, above all, after the high tide of the last few weeks, which reached a maximum of 187 cm on 13 November, Banksy publishes on his Instagram profile the conditions of his murals.
The child who touched the water with his feet is now immersed up to his chest, but with his rocket sign in his hand does not stop asking for help.

It had already made people talk about itself, the mural that appeared on the outside wall of a Venetian house depicting a child touching the water with his feet, wearing a life jacket and holding a signal rocket in his hand.

The young boy seems to draw our attention and that’s exactly what he got, especially since many started talking about it by connecting it to the street artist par excellence, Banksy.

Today, after a week and after the artist published the realization and subsequent removal of the work entitled Venice in Oil, Banksy published a post on Instagram to claim the authorship of the mural. The title of this work is not yet known, we just wait for the artist to reveal it.

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