Art Spazio Volta Showcases Franco Mazzucchelli’s Inflatables

Spazio Volta Showcases Franco Mazzucchelli’s Inflatables

Anna Frattini

We find ourselves in the Città Alta (Upper City) of Bergamo, and on the upper floor of Spazio Voltawhich we have previously talked about – lies the deconsecrated Church of San Rocco. It is a space open to the public, currently hosting the solo exhibition of Franco Mazzucchelli, showcasing what from the outside appears to be mere inflatables. The title of this exhibition has a truly curious origin. It stems from a conversation with a journalist who, upon looking at Mazzucchelli’s inflatables, commented on the artworks with the expression: «It will be sculpture, then» (in italian: «sarà scultura, allora»)

Sarà scultura: the Solo Exhibition dedicated to Franco Mazzucchelli

Spazio Volta strikes again, this time with the works of Franco Mazzucchelli, born in 1939. Within the former medieval fountain, the artist’s sculptures will rotate at regular two-week intervals. The Ottaedro Rosso (in english: Red Octahedron), dating back to 1999, will make room for more recent works involving experimentation and figures that revisit recurring themes in his research, such as chains. The exhibition closely engages with the location, at times seeming site-specific without actually being so. Along the edges, you can catch a glimpse of what can be described as a special living dimension that brings Mazzucchelli’s sculptures to life. It makes the inflatable sculptures converse with the boundaries and potentialities of the space.

This exhibition can be described in two fundamental moments: the first pertains to the exhibition and object aspect, reflected in Bieca Decorazione (BD), a series from the 1980s that satirizes the fetishism associated with the art object. The second moment, however, grapples with the desire for recollection embodied in inflatable art within the social and urban context. An opportunity not to be missed for reflecting on the meaning of art, especially on November 18, when – also in conjunction with the ArtDate festival – a public intervention will take place where the inflatables will be released and free to move among the passersby in Piazza Vecchia.

The exhibition will be open for visitation from October 1, 2023, until January 7, 2024. You can find more information on Spazio Volta’s Instagram profile.

Written by Anna Frattini
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