Music The new album by Sina, “Vortici”

The new album by Sina, “Vortici”

Andrea Tuzio

Lately there is a new breed of artists in Italy that is making people talk about itself, each of them proposing fresh and unheard sounds. The art of music in Italy is more alive than ever and to prove it there is the new album by Sina “Vortici”, available from April 22 on all digital stores for Island Records.
Captured by his particular timbre, his natural being and his artistic maturity, decided to interview him to understand the person behind his music.

Cover album Vortici

Hi Enrico, how are you? Tell us a little bit about how you’re going through this release period, in short what’s in your head and what’s in your stomach.

That’s a good question – laughs – basically I’m not setting too many expectations, I’m trying to enjoy the moments in between, the details. This album represents the last 2 years of my life, it’s a really important work. I’m usually slow to metabolize things, but there are so many great things happening and I have to say I’m calm. The anxiety is certainly not lacking, as all people, but I’m really happy and satisfied with our work. I think the album will reach people in the way I hope it will.

“Vortici” on listening comes across as a very mature album, it manages to not make you feel constantly at war with something, as you also said. How did you reach this awareness?

Creating this record has really made me grow. Just think, I record demos and some vocals on my work with my roommate, we have a great relationship and have known each other since we were 16. It’s like I relate to my brother, and it’s made me grow so much humanly speaking. I feel like this record has done me really well, as well as in life in general, it’s made me grow. Hopefully it’s going well.


Only one featuring, symbolic, huge, that of Rkomi in a delicate song like “Così Soli”. What was it like collaborating with him? Tell me a little bit about it.

It goes without saying, but I have a lot of respect for him. I appreciate what he represents artistically speaking, an artist and a human being at 360 degrees. It was a great satisfaction, let’s say he played “the guest”, let me explain: he entered on tiptoe, he made his verse, perfectly in line with the concept, and enriched everything to the maximum. If you close your eyes you realize that it is a song with dreamy and precious vibes. What can I say, it was truly a champion and he was great at rowing in the right direction. This song has become a dream, also thanks to Michelangelo’s production.

You are Sardinian, but in recent years you have lived in Rome, Milan, Alghero, Naples and Bologna, all cities with a strong artistic presence. Which city do you feel has given you more from an artistic point of view? And then what weight does Sardinia have in your person?

I tell you, the background of my music, the scent you smell in the songs, is clearly Alghero, it represents a way of life that is printed in my pieces. A city like Milan, on the other hand, has come into its own from a stylistic point of view, since I’ve been living it, it’s really present in me. As far as Naples is concerned, I can tell you that it is the “passion” part of my music, it taught me the language of music that I have always wanted to do, to be able to better explain where you come from. Basically, however, I have captured an aspect of each city I have lived in.

After years of pandemic, lockdowns and an album like “My Love Lockdown” that refers to the past heavy situation, live shows are finally back. How will you experience the moment when you take the stage?

laughs – I have no idea. We’ll definitely talk again and I’ll tell you how it will be. In the meantime, I can definitely tell you that it will be very strange, different and all new. The desire for redemption is there, I certainly hope to do a lot of them and I’m as charged as ever.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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