Music From Monday to Sunday in one night, interview with BLUEM

From Monday to Sunday in one night, interview with BLUEM

Emanuele D'Angelo
BLUEM | 10

An archaic and lunar sound, bare but powerful and evocative. A creative universe immersed in an enveloping darkness, with an eye to Sardinia, the most ancestral and pure. Today we are here to talk about NOTTE, the first album in Italian by BLUEM, born Chiara Floris, Sardinian singer-songwriter and producer based in London.

“NOTTE” is a magical album that moves me in a very specific time frame, from Monday to Sunday, but it is also a tribute to the night, a magical and prolific moment in which BLUEM is completely at ease.

An album full of second voices, personal lyrics able to tell deep and painful feelings, soft beats and intertwining of percussion, minimal but intense productions, recorded voices that intertwine with the melodic parts amplifying the energy.

We had a chat with her to deepen even more her new seven tracks with a unique sound that accompany intense and sometimes lacerating words, which trace toxic and deteriorated relationships.

But first you just have to let yourself be enveloped by the music of BLUEM, so intimate, ethereal, essential but powerful, a breath of fresh air, which you needed.

Just to get to know you better, BLUEM, where did this stage name come from?

It’s actually a name I chose many, many years ago, tied to an old project when I was still singing in English and I’ve never changed it. It comes from “Blue Moon,” the Billie Holiday version that I’m simply obsessed with. I studied jazz, I love that genre and it comes from that. I wanted to call myself “Blue Moon” but it was already taken, even if it turns out that there is already someone called Bluem, a mess. But in short it comes from that piece there.

“NOTTE” is a well-structured project, with a well-defined logic and able to attract attention right away. An album that goes from “Luned'” to “Domenica”, a week of music that is then enclosed in a night. Can you explain us how you thought about it?

Yes, actually I think the answer is more trivial than what people would like to hear, because I wrote this album in a week, writing a song a day, so in fact it was born like that. In fact, each title corresponds to a day of the week, they were supposed to be temporary but then I decided to leave it like that. It was a bit of a complex period so I took a week off from work and I put in my head that every day of that week I would make a song. Then it’s called “Night” because I generally write at night, it gives me more peace of mind.

An album that intertwines and merges with Sardinia, the region where you were born and to which you are very attached. And you can see it also from the cover you chose, can you tell us about this link?

Musically I had not thought of doing something related to my island, in fact if there are influences they are things that came unconsciously, I did not have that intention. But it was a time when I was very nostalgic, and since the record was in Italian and Sardinia is everything to me, I decided to include these postcards of Sardinian ladies, which I still have in my room, made by a friend of my mother as a cover for each song. While I was making the record I happened to see them, to observe them for a while and from there I started to think about building an imagery centered on Sardinia, dedicated a bit to the memory of my grandmothers. So I first drew them and then I did the work of production, research of costumes and we shot them again.

Come on, let’s go ahead and try to challenge you. An artist that has particularly inspired you or with whom you would like to do a feat?

Ah well, wait, maybe people I would like to collaborate with are unattainable (laughs). Then a little difficult, I’ll tell you another obsession which is Frank Ocean, so I always quote him. For me he was fundamental, the way he writes, the way he sings, the way he sets up the songs, the speech, in short he’s unique. But to collaborate with him now, I don’t think, difficult, let’s put it that way. Who knows if it will happen in life. In Italy, one of those I like the most is Cosmo, I listen to him a lot.

Now that “NOTTE” has arrived, what will be BLUEM’s next steps?

I wish I could answer you, actually I don’t know. Definitely I will continue my life here in London. Then I hope in the future that Italian projects will start to be heard in England, I’m not saying mine eh, in general I think. But I would like to have this kind of openness, to be able to collaborate with everyone, national and international artists, and to follow an open path. I don’t want to set any limits for now. London has been fundamental in my artistic growth, the first song of my life was written here.

Let’s close this way, a bit sympathetically, but we can’t help but ask you given the album. Favorite day of the week?

So random? Look I think it’s actually Friday, the weekend starts.

So come on I can’t help but ask you about your memory related to the track “Friday”.

You’re putting me on the spot, because it’s the one where my grandmother is talking. In fact, it made me cry a little, it was terrible… maybe it’s better to change the day (laughs), maybe it’s better on Wednesday, I’m obsessed with odd days.

Photo credits: Jasmine Färling

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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